Acid-etched Glass Processing Line

Total production line length: about 60 meters

Width: 3 meters

The total power: about 45KW

Can be customized based on customers actual site space and production needs.

Customized production of 2440*3660 large horizontal in and out equipment, increase the output by 30%.

Product Details

1. Automatic glass loading and unloading in the whole process, increase prouduction output, reduce labor costs and the risk of manual operation.

2. No need to stick film in the whole production line, reduce raw material cost. 3 -4 people can operate the whole line. The normal production can reach 30-40 seconds/piece.

3. Horizontal flat production line has much higher quality and output than vertical tank production. The granularity of the entire page is controllable, the gloss is relatively uniform, no tape is used for edge sealing, and no bright edge, which improves the utilization rate of the finished product.

4. Use high effective anti-mildew powder roll coating to reduce paper jams.

5. The company offers technical support, can dispense the required liquid medicine, reducing the cost of raw material purchase. Ordinary jade sand, jade sand without fingerprints, fine frosted sand, fine oil sand, coarse oil sand can be made according to customer needs.

6. The production line is fully enclosed, is conducive to the collection and discharge of waste gas. One-time molding, no need to pour the glass and clean it again, the liquid medicine and water can be recycled with very little water consumption.

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