sewage treatment equipment December 10, 2021

sewage treatment equipment

The sewage treatment equipment adopts Dinganda’s newly developed technology to filter high-concentration micropowder and ultrafine powder contained in the wastewater produced by deep processing of glass. With a physical-chemical combination of chemical reaction, physical absorption, fine filtration of suspended sludge and hydrodynamic separation, the system can directly and economically process and purify high-turbidity and high-concentration wastewater with great efficiency and effectiveness, and the purified water can reach the standard of tertiary treatment processes. According to the requirement of water used for glass edging and cleaning, the water quality SS of the purified water is less than 5mg/L, which can meet the requirement of glass edging and cleaning; through activated carbon filtration and sand filtration, the processed water can meet the standard of pure water for reverse osmosis equipment. In this case, production water can achieve a recycling rate of more than 95%.

With full-process automation control, the equipment has advantages of simple operation, low operating cost, small land occupation, high water quality and low wastage, which will greatly cut energy consumption and costs for the company.

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